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All for Learning and Learning for All


From Year 1 onwards, all classes explicitly teach the foundation subjects using a blocked approach.


Our learning sequences for History have been carefully planned, ensuring children are building on their prior learning and that Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary appropriate to the study is taught explicitly. Teaching starts with the knowledge, the 'what', the concepts and how we learn about subject, incorporates vocabulary including etymology of words and then worked examples leading to independent tasks. 


Throughout each planning sequence, quiz questions are explore with the children cumulatively across each individual lesson. These are used as a learning tool which activate memory, rather than an assessment tool. 


Within each lesson, children are also given the opportunity to 'Show what you know'; this allows them to retrieve key knowledge they can recall from the lesson which they then reflect on at the start of each new session. 


Knowledge notes are used to provide clarity to all children which incorporates key vocabulary, information and images to support learning. Regular practice ensures that the knowledge becomes 'sticky' and also encourages productivity. 


To end the topics study, children can show what they have learnt through our double-page spreads. These are completed independently and children can choose how to to present their findings and knowledge recall.