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Curriculum Implementation


At Thomas Eaton Primary Academy it is our intention to teach a history curriculum which enables learners to develop into passionate and inquisitive young historians who can think critically and evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views using a range of historical evidence. We aspire to create young historians who think, reflect, debate and discuss the past by asking and answering ambitious historical enquiry questions about the past. Our lessons allow children to communicate their understanding of past events verbally and in written form, accurately using rich historical vocabulary. Children will also develop an understanding of chronological order and how events from the past have led to us being able to live the lives we live today.  


We follow the National Curriculum, and our curriculum is logically organised, using a two-year rolling programme of topics, with a clear sequence and structure built around the principles of advancing cumulative knowledge, chronology, change through cause and consequence, as well as making connections within and throughout periods of time studies.  


Staff ensure that children are exposed to high quality teaching and learning experiences, which include develop their cultural capital through visits and experience days, enabling the children of Thomas Eaton to become inquisitive learners who show a desire to learn more about the past, to ask and answer ambitious questions about the history of their local environment, Britain and the wider world, and whose love of learning extends beyond the classroom.  

CUSP History Progression Cycle A and Cycle B