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Volunteers in School

At Thomas Eaton we welcome a variety of adults into school as helpers.
These may be parents, grandparents and other relatives of children in school, family friends, members of the local community and people who have a particular talent, expertise or interest which is linked to a class or school based topic.


Effective adult involvement can be a great advantage to the teacher in attempting to meet all the pupil needs in his/her classroom. For a parent, helping in school can provide a better appreciation for the complexities of education and a better understanding of what is expected of pupils in the class in which they are working.


Teachers, parents and pupils benefit from the improved communications that can be expected to develop because of closer, more frequent contact between parent and teacher. While pupils get the message that their education is worthwhile and important to the parent/adult community, teachers get the message that they are supported in their role. It is also true that the more involved adults are in the activities of the school the more the school becomes a true community.


For further information please contact the School Office on 01354 740392.