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Welcome to Franklin Class!



Our class teacher in Franklin is Miss Green and our TA is Mrs Newman. 

In year 2 we have high expectations and strive to ensure children reach their potential in all subjects in the curriculum. 

Summer Term - 2022

Welcome to summer term!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning this term.

Dan the Skipping Man

- Friday 22nd April 2022 -


We were lucky enough to have the Dan the Skipping Man team visit us at school. During our session with the team, we learnt the basics of how to skip, how to run and ship, double jump skip, jumping with a long rope and even running through a rotating skipping rope! We had a fantastic time learning all these new tricks! The school bought each child a skipping rope to keep in school which they can take out with them for break and lunch times to keep practicing their skipping whenever they have the chance. 

Spring Term - 2022


Welcome back Franklin class!

Below is an overview of what we will be learning this term.





Below is a summary of what is expected of year 2 in terms of homework. 


- Reading -

Children are expected to read 5 times a week. Children will be given books based on their levels and we assess regularly to see if children need to change book levels. If your child is on Accelerated Reader, they will need to take a quiz after reading each book to check comprehension and word reading. Children have reading diaries that need to be signed every time a child reads to an adult. Book change days in Franklin are every Tuesday and Friday. 


- Maths -

Children should be accessing Mathseeds for at least 30 minutes a week. This ensures that learning is being reinforced and allowing children an extra opportunity to take in learning. Log ins for Mathseeds should be in the front of children's reading diaries. If you are struggling to log on, please let me know. 


- Spellings -

Spellings are set every Friday and are always based on the sounds we are learning in phonics. Children will be learning these words in our daily phonics lessons, but learning them at home reinforces that learning. Spellings tests are taken the following Friday. Spellings are uploaded onto Showbie. If you have any issues logging onto Showbie, please let me know. 


- English -

Starting from this term, English homework will be set every Friday on Showbie. 

English work will vary from week to week. Homework can include a focus on word types, such as adjectives, adverbs and verbs. Homework may also have a focus on gramma and punctuation.

Rock Steady Music
- Tuesday 22nd February 2022 -


On Tuesday 22nd February 2022 we had the company 'Rock Steady Music' come in to show us some of the amazing instruments that can be used to create and play rock music! To completely immerse ourselves into the rock music, the whole school came in their best rock clothes! Everyone looked like amazing rock stars! Children are now able to attend weekly music lessons with the company where they can learn either the guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals. 

Check out some some pictures of our rock filled day below!

World Book Day

- Thursday 3rd March 2022 -


For World Book Day this year, the children had the task of re-creating their favourite character onto a wooden spoon. We had so many fantastic spoons with so much detail! These spoons were kept in school for two days to help celebrate World Book Day. As a class, we spent two days focusing specifically on creating two pieces of amazing writing. Our chosen book for these two day that we based our writing on was 'The Jolly Postman'. This is a fantastic book that was engaging to children will all the hidden pull outs within the book. We spent our first day planning and writing a letter for the Jolly Postman to send. On the second day we planned and wrote a character description to describe the Jolly Postman. 

Science Investigation

- Monday 21st March 2022 -


Our science topic for this half term was to learn about different types of materials and what they can be used for. We took this opportunity to have a lesson outside to have some hands on learning with investigating different materials. The children took out whiteboards with them to take notes on the types of materials they spot and what the material was being used for. After our investigation, we had a class discussion to share our findings. We then challenged ourselves by working in groups to decide what wood, metal, paper an fabric could be used for. 

Autumn Term - 2021


Welcome to Franklin Class! With the new school year beginning we can't wait to welcome both you and your child to our class.

The children have started the year eager to learn and to reach the high expectations we have for year 2. Throughout year 2 we will be encouraging children to become more independent in their tasks and feeling confident in themselves to know when they need support.

We can't wait to work with you in supporting you child's education! 

Miss Green and Mrs Newman


Below in an overview of what we will be learning this term. As you can see we will be learning some exciting things this term - the perfect way to start the year!


Magic Writing Day
- Friday 19th November 2021 -


On the 19th November, the whole school held a 'Magic Writing Day'. On this day children and staff came into school dressed up with a magical theme. We spent the whole day planning and writing a magical piece of work. 

In Franklin class, we chose to rewrite the book 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. This is a fact book which contains many fantastic beasts from the wizarding world! We spent the day creating our own magical beasts. We though about what our beasts would look and which adjectives we could use to describe them. We spent the morning creating a character description plan and then the afternoon writing and drawing our beasts. 

The children did a fantastic job with their writing and they were so passionate about it too! 

Below are a few examples of the amazing work produced! As well as some snapshots of our focused writers!

Children In Need

- Thursday 18th November -


Everyone at Thomas Eaton supported Children in Need by holding different events to raise money. 

We had an All-Sorts Day where we came to school wearing clothes back to front and with crazy patterns! 

A £1 donation was required here and helped us to raise our grand total. 

We also held a biscuit and cake sale which was a huge success. At break time children were able to buy some delicious treats for 50p each. These sold out straight away!

In the school hall we held a 'fair' where children would come class at a time to play classic games such as 'Hook a Pudsey', 'Know down Pudsey', as well as many more.

Christmas Party
- Thursday 16th December - 


To celebrate our hard work in year 2, we had a Christmas party in the afternoon. 

We started the party off with decorating our own biscuits with icing and sprinkles! These turned out fantastic and tasted delicious!

We then had a selection of food for a mini buffet. We had some cupcakes, fruit, veg, crisps and most chocolate!

We made sure to push all the tables together so we could all talk to one another and share the excitement of Christmas. 

We then treat ourselves to an extra 10 minutes of playtime outside, and when we came back into the classroom we played musical statues where we gave out some prizes, and then had a general dance party until the end of the day. 

We even had some presents underneath the Christmas tree to give out. 

It was an amazing afternoon and a lovely way to start off the Christmas break. 

Below are some pictures taken from the party. 


-  Friday 17th December -


In Franklin class throughout December, we have been busy learning our Christingle song ready to perform for the rest of the class via a zoon assembly. 

We spent the morning learning about what a Christingle is and what it is all about. We learnt about what each part of the Christingle represents and where the idea of the Christingle came from. 

We made sure to make some Christingles for our performance. We made sure to place cocktail sticks into our oranges and carefully place the sweets on top.

Franklin class did really well singing their song - we are so proud of them!