Who are We?

We are fortunate at Thomas Eaton to have an extremely active and supportive Parent/Teacher Association (PTA).

The Association organises many events during the year. As a result of the work done by many parents and friends, amounts of money are channelled into resources and facilities at our school. All parents and friends are encouraged to become actively involved in the work of our Association.

Without your support we could not have provided the coaches to take the children to Bowl2Day to enable them to take part in the inter-school challenge or taken them to the Science Museum in London, Woburn Safari Park and Church Farm.

Who are the PTA?

You all are. As parents of children at Thomas Eaton you are all members of the PTA. You are welcome at any meeting held; we would love to see you.

Currently the PTA consists of:

Anne Appleby (Joint Chair and Treasurer) Nicola Webb (Joint Chair)
Annabel Birch (Secretary) Claire Sears (Press Officer)

One or more of us are available in the playground most days; please feel free to come and talk to us or you can contact us via the school office.