What's current at Thomas Eaton - Summer Term 2019

Bikeability Plus Thursday 6th June 2019:

Please see below a few photos taken from a brilliant Bikeability day at Thomas Eaton! The children and staff, had a great day. The Bikeability team were superb...so child friendly, encouraging and supportive with the entire day being wonderfully organised. The children were engaged from the minute they stepped onto the playground.  

Anna, who led the Bikeability team, was very complimentary about all of our pupils - their behaviour and their manners. 

A great day was had by all and we highly recommend the Bikebility Team!

Biking to School Week (w/b 3/6/19):

Cycling circuit at lunchtime (Tuesday) - several of the children shared their cycles so others could have a turn at peddling the track, which was lovely to see. A big shout out needs to go to Casey who was a fabulous 'maintenance man' who helped three pupils when their chain fell off without any hesitation. He also pulled Jamie along when he was finding it a little tricky peddling on the grass, offering support and encouragement too. Maisy was also a great help to Jamie. The Playmakers (Samantha, Lilly and Roxy) were superstars in helping the younger children locate their bikes and supporting them getting started on the track.

All in all, a great lunchtime! 

Mrs N Webb

Below are some photos from our more able sports day at Peterborough United on Thursday 23rd May 2019. 

Our 6 pupils represented the school impeccably and stood out for their manners and encouragement of others. Izzy impressed the coaches with her precision and focus all round but particularly in the cricket bowling, Callum for his football control, Maisy for her resilience and support of others, Samantha and Roxy for their humour and natural sporting ability without an ounce of arrogance and Oliver for his engagement with all the activities. 

Well done, we are proud of you all!