Our Reading Pledge

At Thomas Eaton Primary School we aim to:

  • Enable our pupils to become life long readers
  • Enable our pupils to be confident, fluent and motivated in their reading
  • Enable our pupils to read with high level comprehension skills
  • Ensure that our readers challenge themselves

Our class texts are carefully chosen and include exposure to stories, rhymes poems and non-fictional texts. Every child is read to daily and has an opportunity to read daily. Children are taught phonics daily from day 1 in our Reception class. This builds initially from 20 minutes per day to up to an hour. The children are encouraged to practise and learn their High Frequency Words and are monitored on a weekly basis to ensure progression. There is a defined scheme with clear progression. Children have a range of books in order that they develop their decoding skills as well as a love of reading. The children’s initial reading books are clearly sequenced in terms of phonic development.

As the children’s reading skills develop they access Accelerated Reader – a computerised system that promotes independent reading and motivation through regular quizzes.

Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine

We have included Pie Corbett’s Reading Spine as suggested texts that you might like to read at home with your child.

“Imagine a primary school where, over seven or eight years, children are read to, enjoy, discuss and work with a core of around 80 books. These ‘essential reads’ would be a store of classics, creating a living library inside a child’s mind. This is the ‘reading spine’. Schools that have a reading spine build a common bank of stories that bind the community together.”

Pie Corbett, Literacy expert