TEPA’s Curriculum
Our Intent
At TEPA we believe in an equitable, modern, world class curriculum that inspires and challenges all learners and prepares them for their future. We believe that everyone in our school is a learner and that it is our mission to enable all our learners to be confident individuals, successful team players and responsible global citizens.
Our Core Offer:
We develop a love of literature through carefully chosen texts which inspire and develop our learners’ oracy, reading and writing skills. 
We explore Themes through our Head, Hand and Heart approach to ensure that our learners are holistically supported with a balanced curriculum.
We enrich the lives of our learners by enabling them to experience regular, exciting opportunities that extend their skills and understanding.
We encourage our learners to explore the world in practical ways in order to foster their curiosity and problem solving.
We support each and every one of our learners to develop as an individual, as a team player and as a global citizen.