At Thomas Eaton we provide a rich, varied, broad and balanced curriculum.

The curriculum for each class is planned for each term using topic webs. We use the content of the National Curriculum and feel that it is vital for children to gain a good knowledge and understanding of the subjects of the National Curriculum. Additionally we want children to develop lifelong skills in learning during their time at Thomas Eaton and we aim to empower the children in the school to take on the skills of learning found in the Thomas Eaton Tree.

RE is not part of the National Curriculum as each Local Authority develops its RE scheme based on local needs. We follow Cambridgeshire Local Authority’s Agreed Syllabus for RE. We divide up this syllabus into RE Weeks and hold RE weeks each term.

Children are taught daily phonics in Reception and Key Stage 1 using the 5 phases of phonics in letters and sounds, with material from ‘Sounds Together’ and Phonics Play.  

We do not have one particular reading scheme in Key Stage 1 and the children are encouraged to choose from a range of books. The children read a variety of schemes which are graded according to national bookbands.

As the children move into Key Stage 2, the children use the Accelerated Reading Scheme. Children at Thomas Eaton love completing the tests and quizzes in this scheme. We find that the scheme provides the children with a wide range of books and they develop a love of reading for pleasure!  

Please see below for Thomas Eaton's Curriculum overviews and end of year expectations. You can also refer to the class pages.