Autumn Term

TEPA pupils make the headlines at The Guardian!


The Cambs Times 13/1/20

As part of our work on Varmints by Helen Ward the children listened to some music and drew the images they pictured.  They were so focused and engaged, they didn't even notice me taking their pictures!

Hawking class were using their oracy skills as part of an intense discussion in RE. Take a look at the pictures below:

Hawking class explored adaptation by collecting as many bits of coloured paper as they could.  The same number of pieces of each colour were put onto the field, but there was a dramatic difference in the number of each colour collected.  Children decided that if they were a hungry bird, they would find most red and yellow berries, but if they were an insect, they would be much safer if they were brown.

The lovely weather meant that the children could use the playground to rehearse a poem, and then perform it on the outside stage.