Autumn Term

Welcome to Malala Class.

Mrs Wright is the class teacher. Mrs McHaffie and Mrs Brown and our TAs along with Mrs Jones, Mrs Ball and other adults supporting the children in class throughout the year. 

Here you will be able to see some of our wonderful learning across the curriculum.

On Monday the 2nd of December, Obama and Malala classes had an exciting visit from some very special rainforest animals: a skink, a chameleon, a millipede, a stick insect, a royal python and a tegu. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and were very brave to hold and stroke them. We learned about where in the rainforest they could be found and how they have adapted to live in the rainforest. 

Cadbury World.

Linked to our topic The Mayans, Malala and Obama class went to Cadbury World to learn more about the history of chocolate. It was a very interactive day: drawing with chocolate, tasting chocolate, watching a 4D film (twice) and playing with the different visual games. We also had a talk all about the Mayans. We learned about what life was like for the Maya including clothing, food and games they played.

Malala class thoroughly enjoyed their day and are looking forward to taking their new knowledge back into the classroom.