Autumn Term

26th September 2018.

Children in Pankhurst have been learning to identify the layers of the Earth. We now know the meaning of the words ‘core’, ‘crust’ and ‘mantle’.

We have used this interesting youtube clip to help us understand the different layers. There are some amazing facts in here!

There is also a rap that you could sing with your children

In our Active Planet topic, we have been finding out about earthquakes too! Your child may enjoy exploring this website.

In maths, we have been putting numbers on a number line

Your child may enjoy using this website

Tuesday 11th September - today in Pankhurst, we shared the story 'Lava'. It is a superb story, telling the tale of Hono, the lonely volcano and Lulu.  You can share this story with your child by clicking on this link.

WOW day Monday 10th September.

Today, in Pankhurst, lots of us brought in 5 things that we would grab from our homes if we needed to get out quickly. The children thought hard about the things they would take and gave some super reasons for taking the things they chose.  

We then turned our school into a Disaster Relief Centre. In groups, we had to plan where everyone would go, who would be in charge of the centre, which things we would need... there was so much to talk about! 

Below are some of our plans. 

Some of us then became newsreaders, giving a warning to people about the 'earthquake' that was about to hit Wimblington! (Don't worry, it's not really coming, as far as we know!). 

We made a wordle using some of the words that we already know about Active Planet. 

We then created our own Volcanic village. Sadly, there was an unexpected eruption.  

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our day!

28th September 2018

Some of the children in Pankhurst have been busy making models of volcanoes as part of their Home Learning projects.

The models below are VERY impressive!