2017-18 Farah

What we've been doing in Farah:

Farah had a fantastic time on Friday 23rd February, in the first of the three training sessions run by a coach from Wisbech Grammar.  They are looking forward to showing off their skills at the tournament at the end of term.

Letters home:
January 2018:

Farah class have been using i-pads or pen and paper to create a leaflet encouraging people to visit the land of the Munchkins.  They have used all their skills of persuasion and creativity.  They have been so engrossed in this they didn’t even notice when their photographs were taken.  We are all looking forward to the final result!


We started our topic on film - Lights, Camera, Action! - by making thaumatropes.  These little toys became popular in Victorian times, and use 'persistence of vision'.  This is the trick of our brains that means we see a series of still pictures as moving images, and so we can watch a film.

November 2017:

After a science investigation into air resistance, the children carried out a design technology 'Scrapheap Challenge'.  They chose different materials from a pile of junk modelling resources and made a parachute for a wooden figure.  After an initial test, they had time to revise their design before the final knock-out competition.  The photos show some of the competitors and worthy winners.

W/e 20th October 2017:

We had a fantastic trip to the National Rail Museum at York.  The children loved travelling by train - including making friends with a dog called Archie - and seeing trains we had been learning about, like Stevenson's Rocket and Mallard.  We watched the turntable in action, explored underneath a steam locomotive, watched model trains and took part in a fantastic workshop.  The children learnt about Newton's three laws of motion through catapulting elephants, rolling marbles down a track and firing Barbie out of a cannon.  It was a truly memorable day!

W/e 6th October 2017:
Geography in our topic lessons has focussed on map work and the photos show the children exploring Ordinance Survey maps and finding Wimblington.  For many children this was the first time they had used a map this size and scale, but all the Cubs in the class were already confident and will be helping me to teach 6 figure grid references next week! 

Learning in English has continued to be linked to the E Nesbit book The Railway Children. As it is no longer in copyright, it is available for free in several places on line if the children would like to read it for themselves at home.  

It can be downloaded from -


but is easy to read on-line here –



There is also an audio book available free via you tube or on the link below.


W/e 8th September 2017:

Farah class have had an exciting start to the term.  Before there were the ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’ in our topic,  travel could be very dangerous.  You might even meet a Highwayman.  The class have been reading the narrative poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, and learning to blend watercolours so that they can illustrate it. 

To watch an animated version of the poem, you can click on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryu1JZiSbHo