2017-18 Ennis

What we've been doing in Ennis:
W/e 17th November 2017:

The children in Ennis already know many facts about the Great Fire of London.

We have shared what we know and asked some questions that we don't know the answers to.

Perhaps your child can find out the answers on these websites:




In Year 1, we have been adding and subtracting. 

We know that when we add 2 numbers,, we can do it either way round. We still get to the same answer.

We know that we have to put the largest number first for subtraction. 

This website will help your child with this concept: 



This week, Year 2 are learning their 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

These youtube clips will help your child to commit these important number facts to memory:

The 2x table


The 5x table


The 10x table



Year 2 have been multiplying and dividing.

We have been using arrays to multiply and grouping to divide

See below some photographs of the children's work. 

This website will help your child divide (we have been working without remainders at this stage)



W/e 10th November 2017:

Wednesday - in Maths, Year 1 were working on number bonds to 20


Year 2 were balancing numbers. 

We had to work out the answer to the calculation eg 4X5 and make the other side of the scales balance.

We know we could have used an = sign too.



This week, in Ennis, Year 1 are adding and subtracting

Can you help your child to balance the scales, so that the numbers are the same total?


In Year 2, we are starting to multiply and divide

Can you help your child to learn to say their 2x or 10x or 5x table? If they know these, try the 3x and 4x table.

Can your child count in 2's, 5's and 10's?


In English, we are reading the story 'The Tiger Child'. The tiger needs fire, but how will he get it? This is a traditional tale. We are learning that traditional tales are set in familiar settings, may have talking animals and usually have things happen in 3's. 

Share the story with your child by clicking on this link.


W/e 3rd November 2017:

This week in Maths, Ennis are learning about place value.

On Tuesday, Ennis began their new topic - Emergency! FIRE!

We spent the day learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot. 

We even had fire fighters, some children came dressed ready to celebrate Bonfire Night and some even dressed up as Guy Fawkes. 

We made models of fireworks and our own guys. We also created books about the Gunpowder plot and our own firework pictures. 

We ended the day watching a firework display, listening to Handel's Royal Firework music, which the  children thought was lovely, whilst drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and ginger biscuits.

What a lovely day!

The children can find out more about this by watching this youtube clip: 



On Monday, we counted in tens and ones (some children are using the terms tens and units, please ask them to use tens and ones). 

This game will help your child learn how many tens and ones there are in different numbers: 


W/e 20th October 2017:

In Ennis, we have been reading the story 'Franklin goes to Hospital'

You may wish to share this story with your child by clicking on this link:



We have been learning to write number bonds using addition and subtraction. 

This website has helped us with our learning:



In Ennis, we have been working out 1 more and 1 less or 10 more and 10 less.  We can count on or count backwards.  Some of us know that we can find the number underneath for 10 more or above for 10 less if we have a 100 square to help us.



We are also learning about the nurse Edith Cavell. 

Click on this link to find out about her: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/clips/zq7xhyc

W/e 13th October 2017:

We have been making 2 digit numbers using tens and ones.  We know that we need to work out the tens first before the ones. This website will help your child to practice this:



This week in Ennis, we have been making our own 'potions' and 'medicines'. We added some horrible ingredients and had lots of fun! We hope that they cure Charlie's illness! (They probably won't!)

W/e 6th October 2017:

We were looking at Florence Nightingale's diary. We thought her writing was lovely.


We had a go at writing a diary, pretending that we were Florence. We used 'I' in our sentences.


This week, in Ennis, our key text is 'I'm really ever so not well' by Lauren Child

You can share this with your child by clicking on this link:



We have been making numbers using two numbers. These are called number bonds. 

We show the children that they can see patterns with their number bonds eg 1+9, 2+8, 3+7 etc and then they can use this information to make 100 eg 10+90, 20+80, 30+70.

Some children are also understanding that we can add 2 numbers any way, so 1+9 is the same as 9+1.

This website will help your child to practice this:


Congratulations to Fumni - our first child to achieve their 75 housepoints certificate on Friday!

Well done Funmi!

W/e 29th September 2017:

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale

Click on this link with your child to find out more about her life:



We have been ordering numbers from largest to smallest or from smallest to largest. 

We know that we need to look at the tens and ones number to help us do this.  

Today (Wednesday), we have been using the greater than > or less than < symbols. 

This website will help your child to practice this:



Ennis have been learning about Florence Nightingale

Click on this link with your child to find out about her life and the things she did in hospitals


Mrs Bratby (Harry's mum) came into school on Friday 22nd September. Harry's mum is a nurse and she talked to us about how nurses help us get better and what they do.  Take a look below at the pictures.


We have also been ordering numbers to 100.

We know that sometimes, we need to look at the tens and then sometimes we need to look at the ones number.

This link will help your child practice this skill 

W/e 22nd September 2017:

In Ennis, we are using tens and ones to help us order numbers from smallest to largest.

This web site is great to help the children practice this 



We are also finding out about 2-digit numbers. We will be exploring how many tens and ones are needed to make a number. 

We will be using this website - you may wish to visit it with your child over the weekend or during the coming weeks. 


W/e 15th September 2017:

In Ennis we have been counting in 2s. This might help your child to count confidently:


In Ennis, we have been counting backwards and forwards. The children who can already do this confidently have been creating their own number patterns and subtraction or addition sentences to show their working. 

This is a great song for counting backwards and the children all enjoyed singing it.

W/e 8th September 2017:

Year 2 have been learning to count in 2's and recite our 2 times table.

We enjoyed using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yf3xgE8wMc

This week, in Ennis, we have been learning about our bodies

The children may enjoy exploring this webpage but some of the vocabulary may need explaining to some of them: http://www.bestschoolgames.com/educational-games/five-senses/

Year 1 children have been identifying and naming parts of the body and identifying the 5 senses. 

Your child will enjoy exploring this web page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/science/sounds_and_pitch/play/popup.shtml

Year 2 children have been thinking about the different ways we keep our bodies healthy. 

Your child will enjoy exploring this web page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/6_7/health_growth.shtml

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