2017-18 Christie

What we've been doing in Christie:
Following on from the SATs revision meeting please find below the links for the Y6 SATs revision over the Easter break.
Letters home:
January 2018:
'The Big Drop'
Year 6 designed and constructed their own 'space probes' to be launched onto the surface of Mars.
How well did they do?
Congratulations to Alex Tull, Bradley Goult and Paulina Starzak who were voted to have designed the most effective probe.
December 2017:
Garage Band
Please see below a selection of photographs of our garage band. The children created a piece of music depicting 'The War of the Worlds'.
November 2017:
What goes up, must come down!
Please see below a selection of photographs of our gravity experiments. 
As part of our space topic, we have been investigating gravity.
Fantastic art work inspired by Mark Garlick
We have used pastels and oil colours to bring space to life!  see below for some fabulous art work.
Space Centre visit: 27/9/17
Y6 had an 'out of this world' day at the National Space Centre in Leicester. 
Fantastic Homework w/e 29/9/17:
I think you'll agree that Y6 produced some amazing projects.  Many thanks for your support.
War of the Worlds w/e 29/9/17:
Y6 had to recreate the battle - look at their amazing dance moves!