2016-17 Redgrave

July 2017:

Year 1 have been using their knowledge in telling the time to solve problems. We have been working out how long things take, what time events will end etc.

This link will be useful to help you explore this learning with your child


June 2017:


We have been telling the time at 1/4 to and 1/4 past, as well as learning the minutes and telling  the time with a digital clock. 

The children have all enjoyed counting in 5s and watching this you tube clip 




This week in Year 1, we are telling the time. 

We should know how to read and write the time at o'clock and half past using an analogue clock (one with hands). Some of us recognise the times on digital clocks too. 

After that we will be telling the time at 1/4 to and 1/4 past. 

We will be working out what time is it 1 hour later, or 1/2 an hour earlier.

This link might be useful 




This week, we have been sorting and classifying animals into groups. We have looked at mammals, amphibians, birds, fish and reptiles.  Has your child told you about a bat, which we all thought was a bird, but actually, is a mammal because it feeds it's babies milk and it has hair on it's body! We were very amazed by this learning!

This website will help your child understand and explore more. Happy learning! 



Today, Carol and Glen, our local PCSO's came into school to meet the children in Year 1.

We got to see all the equipment in the police car and we sat inside it. 

The sirens were very loud! 

Carol told us a story about how important it is to hold hands with our grown ups.

If we see Carol or Glen around, we have promised that we will say hello! 

We enjoyed meeting our PCSO's.

In Year 1 this week, we are multiplying and dividing. 

This game will help your child sequence numbers and count fowards and backdwards in 2s:


Year 1 had a fun visit to Nene Park.

We went on walk and found things that are alive, dead or things that have never been alive. Ask your child what they found. 

We then had a scavenger hunt in the sensory garden. We had fun making music on the bamboo instruments.

After lunch, we had great fun pond dipping. The swans and ducks came over to say hello too!


Please have a go at playing this game with your child.

Choose Phase 5 sounds (these are the sounds we are working on in school) and then ask them to choose a sound. 

Words will appear on screen for your child to sound out - some are real and some are alien words (they won't make sense). 

Ask your child to give Bob the real words and Obb gets the alien words that aren't real and don't make sense. 


You don't have to subscribe to PhonicsPlay to access to this game




Happy reading and thank you for your continued support


We are learning about plants and trees and how they grow. 

The children all enjoyed this story

Listen to it with your child - can they spot the rhyming words?


April 2017:
WOW day - Wednesday 19th April - please see below
Tuesday 28th March:
Year 1 wedding at 1:30pm at the Church - we look forward to seeing you there!  Please see below for the pictures.
Miss Crellin
March 2017:

Dear parents 

We are learning to identify and name 3D shapes in objects around us: 



We have also been measuring. 

Baking and cooking is a great way to help children understand why we need to measure. 

This link will help your child learn about measuring so why not do some cooking too?



We are using vocabulary including:

tall, taller that, tallest, long, longer than, longest, short, shorter that, shorter.

The following website will help your children understand these terms 


Termly Topic webs: 
February 2017:

In Year 1, we are learning to count in 2s, 10s and 5s. The children are starting to learn their times tables. These links will help them. 




W/b 16th January:

In Year 1, we are learning to recognise and order numbers in words up to twenty.

This game will help your child to learn this skill.


W/b 9th January:
Our new topic is 'Let's Explore...Toys' and we started with a WOW day. Children brought in a toy from home and had a lovely day painting, writing about and using their toys in Maths.
W/b 14th November:

This week, we are learning about time.

We really enjoyed reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and we listened out for the days of the week.

You can share this story with your child by clicking on this link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75NQK-Sm1YY

We have also been saying the days of the week and the months of the year. 

Can your child say them in order? 

Days of the week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXMofxtDPUQ

Months of the year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe9bnYRzFvk


Questions to ask your child

What day it is today? What day will it be tomorrow? What day was it yesterday?

What do you do in the morning? or afternoon? or evening?

What time do you go to bed? What time do you wake up? 

Which days do we come to school in the week? Which days do we stay at home?

How many days of the week are there?

How many months of the year are there?

W/b 7th November
This week, Year 1 are measuring. We are comparing the length, weight and capacity of objects.

We have been measuring each other and can say who is taller or shorter.

We have been comparing the length of different objects, identifying which object is longer than or shorter than the other. 

We have been weighing objects on scales- we know that if the balances go down, that side is heavier and the side that stays up is lighter.

We have been looking at how much different containers hold - are they full, half full or empty?

Perhaps you could ask your child to hold 2 objects in their hands  - which feels heavier and which is lighter?

Line up the members of your family - who is shorter than or taller than someone?

Look at different containers - how much do they hold? ml and l - what do these mean?  Can your child half fill a container? Which container holds most? How will they find out?

You may find this video helpful.


W/b 12th September:

Sir Steve Redgrave has been a bit busy with the Olympics, although we hope he might have time to visit us sometime. Meanwhile, we were visited this week by Tim, who is the son of our new SENDCO in school. He rows in Peterborough and has won trophies for uncoxed rowing in 2s and 4s. 

The children had a wonderful time listening to him and asking questions. We had a go at indoor rowing, and even tried some press-ups. Tim told us that before a race, he eats lots of pasta because of the energy it gives him.

Some of us were so inspired, we even have some aspiring rowers in Redgrave class!

Please scroll through the pictures below.


Useful websites for Redgrave:


In Year 1, we have been learning about the properties of shapes. We have been discussing the number of sides, whether a shape has a curved side or straight sides, and corners different shapes have and comparing them. We have been comparing shapes and saying how they are different or similar.

Helping children learn to count to 10:


Helping children learn about keeping healthy: 


W/b 5th December:

This week, in Year 1, we are learning about number bonds to 10.

Can your child find 2 numbers that make 10?

We have been counting forwards, in our heads and on our fingers.