2016-17 Pendleton

On Friday 21st April, the parents and carers of Pendleton class were invited to join their children in class for a fun filled afternoon! The theme of the afternoon was ‘Europe’ which linked directly to the topic the children had studied the previous term. We were thrilled to see so many adults attend…there were 22 in total!

The first task was to create a European building from the selection given, with minimal materials and resources - newspaper, masking tape, sellotape, scissors and glue. Once the adults had recovered from their initial shock, they all threw themselves into the task, showing great enthusiasm. I think some even enjoyed themselves! Groups of adults and children were busying themselves in every available space in the classroom and some were even spilling out into the corridor! They all did a fabulous job and created some recognisable buildings which you will see in the photographs.

Then it was off to the hall to watch the children perform their very own Palio de Siena (horse race). The children were placed in teams and had to complete an obstacle course around the hall, being cheered on by the other members of their team. It was great fun to watch and the children really enjoyed themselves. A few of the ‘horses’ looked a little worse for wear by the end of the race but thankfully none were seriously injured!

Then it was time for the grand finale! The children had learnt a Paso Doble to the music 'Los Toreadors and were eager to show off their fancy footwork. The hall was filled with Flamenco dancers and Matadors, the music began and they began their routine. The children dazzled the audience not once but twice with their perfectly executed routine before the applause filled the hall and cheers could be heard. I think we may have some Strictly Stars of the future..!

The children were superstars and I was very proud of each and every one of them. They were a credit to their families and the school. Well done Pendleton pupils!

A big THANK YOU to everyone that came and supported our ‘European afternoon’. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Tuesday 13th September - Pendleton class celebrated Roald Dahl Day by dressing up as their favourite characters - and getting drawing tips from illustrator Quentin Blake!
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Please see below for some pictures of the day.
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