2016-17 Peacock


Learning through play!

Throughout EYFS (Playgroup and Reception) everyone works hard to develop each child's capacity to learn, helping them to make good progress and develop excellent attitudes. At Thomas Eaton Academy, we believe that children learn best through play and by leading their own learning by following their own ideas and interests. We want children to become confident, independent learners and we encourage and guide children in using their own initiative to help solve problems which may occur in every day life. Children learn an astonishing amount in their early years and we ensure we focus on how children learn alongside what they learn.

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Healthy Eating:

The children in Peacock class learnt about how to keep themselves healthy. We packed healthy lunch boxes and made fruit kebabs. Before making fruit kebabs we estimated how many pieces of fruit we could get on a cocktail stick.

‘Sausage is ok as long as I only eat a little bit.’

‘I really like pineapple- it was yummy!’

‘I’m going to choose water because it has zero sugar.’

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